Silicon Valley Power Amplifiers is proud to announce the B series and 10 series broadcast amplifier for FM radio use. These are modular, compact, highly efficient broadband amplifiers and transmitters which can be ordered with a variety of options for any installation. Power levels are 300W, 750W, 1500W, 2500W, 5000W, 7500W, 10000W.
Standard Features:
Hot pluggable RF Power Amplifier Modules
Hot pluggable Switching Power Supply Modules
LCD Color Graphical User Interface with Touch Panel
Model Configuration: Single Module, Redundant Module, 1+1 (low power systems)
Input Power 110V / 220V / 50V DC (low power systems)
Communications: RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, Ethernet
Rear Panel Digital / Analog Interface Controller
Output Connector: 7/8" EIA Flange, 1-5/8" EIA Flange, 7/16, N, HN

Download Catalog:
B Series Amplifiers - 300W, 750W, 1500W, 2500W
10 Series Amplifiers - 5000W, 7500W, 10000W
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